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Blog Article 21 March 2012

You need a STYLE LINK garment.  These came about because every time I went shopping with clients to get that peice to link the fashion jacket and say the skinny jeans together, it just wasnt available.

What was and is available is either too short and doesnt cover the tops of the legs for those wearing skinny or fitted jeans.

Or: didnt cover that mid drift area or muffin top sufficiently. When I did find something to fill the gap so to speak, it was often shapeless and generally only black in colour. Or in a fine knit that clung to the bulges anyway.


So with a friend of mine in Christchurch we set to and got samples made  (several phroto types later) and perfected a garment that "rides the curves" doesnt hide the curves was produced.  It covers the middle section, in a flattering way.  Doesnt cling like a savaloy skin!!!  and enables the wearer to pull of skinny jeans and shorter jackets and cardis with plenty of style.  Equally these style link peices look great over a straight skirt boots and tights.  A must have essential in the wardrobe. 


Weve produced them in sizes 10-16 colour

Blackberry (dark grape)  

Imperial Blue

Storm (Charcoal)


Ink Navy

and of course black for those struggling to move away from black:  Acceptable if you are co-orinating with a cardi in a colour or a jacket.


Often we find in our wardrobe, its by just getting these style linking peices gives us so many more options. So yes we can wear skinny jeans and shorter cardis, its about taking care of those areas we arent so mad about in the most flattering way!!!


See my face book for images of these modelled by my good friend Catherine worn different ways.  I even wore one of mine over my swimmers in the summer.


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