Colour Analysis

This can be a real revelation, especially for those with a love affairwith black.

Tired of the whole wardrobe looking the same, inject some colourthat will suit and enhance your total look as the right colours will notonly make you look more interesting but will make you look youngerand healthier.

Anita Greene - Colour Swatch

Your colour analysis comes with a high quality colour palette containing over 60 colours, including information on the best fabrics, pattern,texture and face shape information that suits you. You will also receive a 60 page personal profile booklet outlining key points to remember.

Recommendation & Booking of Complimentary Services

Reflect can offer advice of what hairstylists, makeup artists anddressmakers would be good to book to obtain your desired look.

Or alternatively I can take the hassle away by doing all the bookings for you at a time suitable to your calendar.

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Customer Makeovers

Before and after shots of Loretta's makeover.
Clothing by Annah Stretton