Style And Fit Analysis

Portfolio Version

Style Portfolio Discover everything you need to know, to make looking good acertainty with an analysis of the styles and shapes best suited to you. Avoid expensive mistakes made by purchasing the wrong shape,colour and or profile.

Report Version

The Report version describes, in summary, the shape and styles of garments to camouflage the challenges and enhance your best features.

You will receive a 28 page report, with a handy sized shopping booklet.

Recommendation & Booking of Complimentary Services

Reflect can offer advice of what hairstylists, makeup artists anddressmakers would be good to book to obtain your desired look.

Or alternatively I can take the hassle away by doing all the bookings for you at a time suitable to your calendar.


Get style advice while you are online

In addition to consulting in person, Reflect Image offers a number of services over the web...

Anita Greene


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